Meet and Greet: I require a (free) meet and greet in your home before any services are rendered. During that time we will discuss your home and companion animal(s) as well as my experience and services. I will have paperwork for you to complete. 

Dog services while you are out of town: If you are not an already established client, I may require at least one visit before you go out of town to make sure your dog is comfortable enough to go on walks with me. This policy is in place to create a stress-free experience.

Equipment: I will only use ethical, humane equipment with your companion animal(s). This means that I will not walk dogs on pinch/prong, choke/slip, or electronic collars. Dogs will be walked on a flat collar, martingale collar, harness, or head halter. For some reactive dogs, it may be safest for them to be acclimated and walked wearing a muzzle – particularly if they are reactive to children. 

Fearful Animals: Barring emergencies, I will not force interactions with animals that are either actively avoiding me out of fear or aggressing toward me. For dogs, I am happy to provide several visits free of charge to help your companion become more comfortable with me. If your dog is very anxious outside it is often best to take them back indoors for play after they potty. For cats, a visual check is generally adequate but I may attempt to encourage play. Ignoring clear communication increases fear and erodes trust. Fearful animals deserve to be heard and respected so my services will be provided with the least amount of stress possible. 

Timing and Duration of Walks: Generally, specific times cannot be guaranteed. A two-hour service window and preferred time will be established. Puppies, seniors, and sick dogs will be prioritized. Walk times start when I first enter your home and end when I lock the door to leave (unless it takes a while to obtain keys and/or navigate your building). 

Weather: Time spent outdoors may be cut short due to weather. However, the visit will continue with lots of play and cuddles indoors.